A Leadership, Management, and Human Systems Company


A Leadership, Management, and Human Systems Company


A Leadership, Management, and Human Systems Company

LMH Strategies, Inc.


For my entire career spanning twenty-five years, I’ve been a strong proponent for small businesses. I was hired by NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, as a Presidential Management Fellow, a highly selective two year post graduate school program designed to fast track the next generation of Government leaders into senior level positions.  My other offer from the Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons offered to pay more, but my father encouraged me to take the NASA job.  


I landed in NASA’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU). A high level office created by law whose sole mission is to promote the maximum utilization of small businesses in government contracts.  NASA was under excruciating pressure to develop what is now known as the International Space Station and until that time, it only existed on paper and every year for several years during the nineties, the program was under threat by Congress to be cancelled.    


Congressional members wanted businesses, higher education institutions, and their workforce to have greater participation in what one scientist coined the most significant, innovative, human engineering feat since the construction of the Pyramids.  In order to achieve such an undertaking, NASA had to diversify.  It sourced innovation and talent from a wider range of sources and it required traditional large businesses to do the same.  This included inviting small business suppliers from all fifty states and U.S. territories to bring forth the best they had to offer.  You see, NASA believed that the mission to build an orbiting space station two hundred and fifty miles above the earth traveling at 17,000 miles per hour was to risky to rely on traditional sources.  NASA required the best that the nation had to offer, and it did not matter where the talent was located.


Today, we marvel at the accomplishment and discovery that the International Space Station program continues to deliver to mankind everyday.  Small Businesses played a huge role engineering advanced technologies ranging from hardware, software, energy, science, and manufacturing.  Several Innovations where spin off into commercial applications benefiting health sciences, energy, computing processing and the list goes on.  


Long before the term “start up” became a household name, it was just small business, and I worked with hundreds of them throughout the country.  I was inspired by those unsung Founder/CEOs to someday lead my own company.  LMH Strategies Inc. encompasses the spirit of integrity, ambition and innovation.  We are an integrative management consulting company that engages with organizations as strategic business partners to deliver optimum results.


Industry, Government, and Higher Education markets trust us as their business partner.  We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust too.


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